Excel To Database

– “Excel To Database” is a free tool allows you to quickly move data between Microsoft excel sheets and database servers. Currently only Microsoft SQL Server is supported but at next versions more database servers types will be supported such as SQL Lite, MySQL …etc.


– Just provide database server connection settings and you will be able to connect to the database and download any table(s) data you want to Microsoft Excel sheets. Also, you can do vise versa and upload any data from Excel sheets to the database tables.

– Uploading data is being done by very easy, smart, effective and fast ways. First, download desired tables structure without data from download section, all primary keys and mandatory fields will have Yellow and Cyan colors to be easily identified, remove any other fields if you do not need them, then manually add a new column at the excel sheet with header name “Action”. For each record, type the required action from below three actions:

  1. add: for adding new records.
  2. update: for updating existing database record.
  3. delete: for deleting existing database record.

Then, press “Upload” button, the tool will validate uploaded data against database settings, restrictions, data types and tables relations. At result file and window log section, you will see any invalid records and their error description and no database modifications will be executed unless your uploaded excel sheet is 100% correct.