Welcome to AhmedTools website

My name is Ahmed, from Egypt. I am holding Bsc of Mechanical Aerospace department and currently working at oil & gas sector as mechanical completions engineer/handover/certifications/CMMS database administrator.

Software programming is my favorite hoppy and during my work at past 15 years I developed several software and small tools to help me to accomplish my work tasks much more quickly and lately I thought about creating this website to publish most of them which I think they will be suitable for others as well to help them accomplishing several tasks quickly.

I started with a tools called “Smart PDF Printing” which will help you to print multiple PDF files quickly and silently without needing for opening them. Just drag and drop your files to the tool or right click on them at windows explorer (files or folders) and all added PDF files shall be ready to be printed according to your pre-defined printing profiles.

You can create as many printing profiles as you want with multiple settings according to your needs.

Check the tool help file for more details and options, specialy the auto match profile which allow printing PDF file pages to their correct page sizes from A0 to A10 acording to your pre-defined profile settings.

hope you like my tools & good luck.


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